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Regular Ol' Cakes

This blog has been neglected.  Absolutely neglected!  I've been having too much fun baking, enjoying warmer weather, and taking a little mini-vacation with my sweet, sweet husband. 

Here's what I've been doing lately:

The most amazing carrot cake ever.  I crave this stuff every time I make it (because I don't get to enjoy it myself!).  Seriously, I got this recipe from an old-school recipe book and this is the best carrot cake I've ever eaten.  The husband was very upset that I did not make one for him too so there may be another carrot cake in the oven soon.

A coconut cake that is just too pretty on its own. 
Can I be honest?  I'm not a big fan of coconut cake.  Seriously.  I'm not a big fan of any coconut dessert.  And I love sweets!  But this is one DELICIOUS coconut cake. 

Lemon-glazed pound cake!  Scrum-diddely-um-ptious.  I wish there was smell-o-vision on this blog because the smell of this cake baking and the amazing aroma of the lemon-glaze melting on the fresh-out-of-the-oven cake...OMG. 

So, I promise not to neglect this blog as much in the future.  I'm working on several amazing cake projects that I can't wait to post here. 

You want a hint of what's coming up?  I'm getting LOST (he he).  Check back soon for some oh-so-fun decorated cakes!

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