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Photos of My Cakes (scroll down to read the stories about all this sugar)...


Mickey Mouse Cake

I made this Mickey Mouse cake and cupcakes for my Nephew's 1st birthday. I was honored to be able to make such an important cake. And it was great to be able to see that it was enjoyed by the party guests.

The top layer and cupcakes were death by chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and fondant overlay. The bottom layer was yellow butter cake with buttercream frosting. Everything on this cake was edible except the wires holding the stars.

The ribbon with Disney font was probably the most challenging part of this cake for me. I had made a ribbon out of gumpaste the day before and it broke into pieces the morning of the party. I hurriedly made a new ribbon out of modeling chocolate with modeling chocolate letters and finished about 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave for the party. Whew!

I got the idea for this cake from this amazingly talented baker in Texas.


Christmas Cakes

Here's a couple of cakes that I did for this past Christmas:

This was the first time I'd ever made fondant from scratch and it turned out yummy. No more store-bought yuckiness for me!

This cake was death by chocolate with chocolate buttercream. Amazing.

I made this 2nd cake in about two hours on Christmas morning. I'm not too proud of the rush decorating job but Santa was cute and it still tasted great.


How it really began...

This is how it all truly began, I think...
This is me at my 2nd birthday party with a cake my Mom made. Do you see the look on my face? I think my obsession started young.

And I've always loved being in the kitchen (though I think my love of dish washing has waned).

we always had amazing cakes growing up. I think this was my 8th birthday party. I'm the one in the pink and yellow stripes (OMG, ya' think stripes were popular in the 80's? Also, look at that massive video camera my brother is holding!!! ha ha)

Oh, and Halloween... I loved Halloween! It was always so much fun to dress up and get all that CANDY! I'm Cinderella in this picture and I think I'm holding a Tootsie Roll. I still love Tootsie Rolls (and they make great cake decorations too). So, yes, I have always loved sweets.

Then, my creating started with candy. In middle and high school, I made divinity for my teachers for Christmas, every.single.year. Around the holidays, I'd make sugar stained glass and taffy too. I just loved being in the kitchen and making sweets. Then, somewhere along the way, I started making cakes.

These are my first few (sad) attempts at cakes...

These are cakes I made waaaaaayyyyy back in college. It was a game weekend and I had a friend from the rival school visiting me (can you guess where I went? Sorry, any of you Tech fans).

And I just had to throw this picture in here because it's another example of cakes and their importance in my life. This is me and my husband several, several years ago, on one of our first dates. We baked a cake together. Awww....

More posts of my recent cake creations coming soon...


I caved!

So, after much careful thought and consideration, welcome to my blog. I finally caved and started one so, there, all three of you who've been asking...

How it all started....
I've always had a love of cakes. I blame my mother who always made her children the most amazing birthday cakes. So, after several years pursuing a different career (and actually using my college degree), I just knew that it was time to get out of that world. I wanted to make my cakes and try to make people happy every day. So, here I am. If you like what you see, contact me. I specialize in fondant decorations (homemade and yummy fondant, NOT store-bought and yucky) and sugar flowers. I'm learning new things each and every day so send me your thoughts or a picture and I'll bake it and make it... with sugar!