The Cake Gal is not currently taking orders. Please feel free to enjoy the photos. New cake photos/stories will be coming soon. The Cake Gal plans to take orders again in early 2012. Thank you!!!

Photos of My Cakes (scroll down to read the stories about all this sugar)...


Sugar Poppy

I was asked to make a birthday cake for a very special lady.  The requests were that it be Mrs. Mary Moon's pound cake recipe (yum!), blue (like the ones I've made before), and that it have a flower on it.  So, naturally, I chose to try out a new flower/technique.  A red poppy!  Fun!  

The poppy is entirely edible (except for the stamens) and even had some poppy seeds.

As I was making this poppy, I just kept thinking "what an amazing flower".  What an amazing flower that God made and I get to recreate with sugar.  What an awesome God. 
And as I was baking the cake, I kept thinking "man, that smells good".... alas, it wasn't for me...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. K.  You are truly a blessing.

Also, anyone else thinking about Poppy from Seinfeld?  Nope?  Just me?  Darn.

A Photo Contest?

So I'm entering one of my photos into a contest.  Yep, a contest.  With my crappy old digital camera.  But, hey, it's a fun way to promote other bloggers and really, truly great photographers out there.  Plus, I'm a HUGE fan of the guest judge this week.  Who is it?  Well, you'll just have to go to the blog to find out.  The theme this week is "I heart dessert" and I definitely, definitely do.  Check it out ( !  So, what's the photo?....

My sugar coral (which so many have said looks like a wave/water splash and that makes me happy too) and fondant pearls from the Beach Anniversary CakeHappy Tuesday to all of you!


Easter Cake

When you think about Easter, what do you think of? 

I think about the greatest gift of all, Jesus.  I also think about Spring time... flowers, baby animals, bunnies (and, of course, the Easter bunny).  So, when I got an order for an Easter cake, I started thinking about all these things. 

Then, when I started working on the cake, the little fondant creations I was making started taking on a personality of their own. 
This little guy was busting out of his shell.

And this little guy already made it out into the world.

The "Easter bunny" and his buddies. Can you tell he has pink earlobes?

Oh, you wanted to see the entire cake too?  Well, here you go...

Happy Easter to my neighbors!  I hope you enjoy it. 

And a Happy Easter to all of you.