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Easter Cake

When you think about Easter, what do you think of? 

I think about the greatest gift of all, Jesus.  I also think about Spring time... flowers, baby animals, bunnies (and, of course, the Easter bunny).  So, when I got an order for an Easter cake, I started thinking about all these things. 

Then, when I started working on the cake, the little fondant creations I was making started taking on a personality of their own. 
This little guy was busting out of his shell.

And this little guy already made it out into the world.

The "Easter bunny" and his buddies. Can you tell he has pink earlobes?

Oh, you wanted to see the entire cake too?  Well, here you go...

Happy Easter to my neighbors!  I hope you enjoy it. 

And a Happy Easter to all of you.

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  1. That is very, very pretty. Jesus is something spectacular to celebrate, isn't He? : )