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Sugar Poppy

I was asked to make a birthday cake for a very special lady.  The requests were that it be Mrs. Mary Moon's pound cake recipe (yum!), blue (like the ones I've made before), and that it have a flower on it.  So, naturally, I chose to try out a new flower/technique.  A red poppy!  Fun!  

The poppy is entirely edible (except for the stamens) and even had some poppy seeds.

As I was making this poppy, I just kept thinking "what an amazing flower".  What an amazing flower that God made and I get to recreate with sugar.  What an awesome God. 
And as I was baking the cake, I kept thinking "man, that smells good".... alas, it wasn't for me...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. K.  You are truly a blessing.

Also, anyone else thinking about Poppy from Seinfeld?  Nope?  Just me?  Darn.


  1. Eee! I love it! I'm a cake decorator (home business) and i'm making a wedding cake for september 10th... with a wheat and poppies theme. I'm looking for a beautiful poppy for the top. Would you be willing to teach me, or lead me to a tutorial that would work??!? OH, please?

  2. Me too me too! Need to make these this week. Please get in touch