The Cake Gal is not currently taking orders. Please feel free to enjoy the photos. New cake photos/stories will be coming soon. The Cake Gal plans to take orders again in early 2012. Thank you!!!

Photos of My Cakes (scroll down to read the stories about all this sugar)...


Wine Bottle Cake

Who wants some homemade Georgia wine? 
Oh wait, that bottle's not real....

This cake was made for a very special birthday man.  A man who turned 90 years old this October and AND he makes his own wine. 

He must have a whole lotta people who love him because this cake was MASSIVE.  No, seriously, it served 60 people by my standards (and easily served 100 by industry standards... have I mentioned my cakes are made for cutting big slices? I don't skimp on servings).

The granddaughter of the birthday man contacted me about this cake.  She had a few details she wanted on the cake but the rest was up to me.  Here's some of the details...

"Vintage 1920" label

The label reading "Aged to Perfection 90 Years"

The bottle top with an "H" for Howard on it.  This actually wasn't a request, I just had to add it.

The cake itself was made to look like a storage crate for the wine bottle and was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.  The details, including the bottle, were made out of fondant and modeling chocolate.  The "leather pouch" the wine bottle rested in was fondant and dusted with spices.  Everything written was hand-painted with food dye.  Everything was edible. 
That's the first of the latest fun cakes I've been working on.  I have several more to post and several more coming up so I'll post them as soon as I can.  Just keep checking back!


A Little Update

I'm WAYYYY behind on updates to this blog but I have so many exciting cakes I've worked on and several fun cakes coming up and I can't wait to share them.  I promise I have a little break later this week to update all of you so please don't give up on me!  For now, it's back to caking!




Funky Flower Cake

This cake was ordered by a wonderful customer for her daughter's birthday and it was (shhhh!!!) a surprise.  To me, surprise cakes are some of the best.  Who doesn't love getting a little surprise? 

Vanilla cake with buttercream icing and fondant decorations.  Sign is hand-painted.

Some of the best orders I get are from a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife wanting to surprise the other with a little sweet treat.  Flowers and chocolates are great but a little surprise cake is... so sweet! ;) 

I hope you had a great birthday Caitlyn!!!


A Little Thank You

To All of You Who Read My Ramblings,

Thank you!!!  According to Google Analytics, my blog has now reached all 7 continents of the world and countless countries and cities throughout.  I did a little dance when I found this out today.  I never would have dreamed this was possible when I started this blog back in January.  I truly thought maybe some friends and family would read it and that'd be it.  So... thank you, thank you, thank you.  For those close enough to order from me here in Atlanta, please keep ordering-- you all are my joy.  Y'all are the reason I can keep this blog going and do what I love and I don't take that for granted.  I have the BEST customers.  For those of you throughout the world, you amaze me and I hope you enjoy this lil' blog of mine.  Have a great weekend!


The Cake Gal


Zebra Purse Cake

I love each and every cake I make.  I work my hardest at making each cake a true creation, a unique piece of "edible art" (if you will).  I hope that comes across in the cakes themselves.  Sometimes I have to get really creative with an idea that someone will send me.  Sometimes, though, I don't have to get too creative on the ideas and I just get to be creative in making the cake.  Either way, I get to play with food and have fun.  Geez, I love my job! 

I love it when I get the neatest cake ideas sent to me and I can just play and create.  Seriously, how cool was this cake idea? 
A pink zebra-striped purse cake!!! 

Edible silver and hand-painted zebra stripes details

I hear the birthday girl and all her friends went for mani/pedis and then partied and ate this cake.  What a fun birthday idea (hint, hint, any of you who know me....).

Happy Birthday Sophia!  You're the coolest for ordering this fun cake.  It was such a neat idea!

And, now, since I have a blog, I want to blog.  I want to ramble and just share my thoughts.  You don't have to read this.  You can just look at the pictures above and move on (also, how awesome is my new camera???).  I just want to talk about doing what you love.  Yep, a post about life... 

For any of you wondering, I did not get my education in "caking."  I went to college and pursued history and archaeology.  Wha?  Archaeology?  Yep, I spent most of my 20's (and some of my teens) covered head to toe in dirt.  I found dirt in places I didn't know dirt could be.  I traveled this beautiful country and saw some amazing places (and some not-so-amazing).  The last company I worked for (which shall remain un-named so don't even try to email me and ask) had me and my coworkers going to big and small towns all over the map.  I met some of the nicest people (and also came a little too close to being shot on private property).  I really had an amazing time.  One day, though, that started to change. 

I traveled alone (every.single.time.).  I ate fast food one too many times.  I sat alone in airports missing my husband.  I got on a plane covered in dirt because I didn't want to miss my flight.  I also walked into a Target covered in dirt and swamp sludge and walked out in a brand new outfit simply because I didn't want to repeat the plane incident (changing in a dressing room and having a store associate walk you to the register to pay while you carry your dirty, nasty clothes while wearing new clothes... not so fun).  I almost got attacked by wild boars (true story).  I missed my flight when the one thing I wanted to do was get home a wee bit early.  I walked around "urban" areas feeling a little out of place and a just a little too unsafe.  I racked up one too many reward points for hotel stays, airlines, and rental cars.  I busted my butt for my clients.  I got chewed out by my boss.  I worked way more than full time. 

I missed my life.  I became someone I didn't know... bitter and angry.  Why?  Because I believed my boss when he said that "it's called a job for a reason."  I worked my hardest and gave it my all and yet I never seemed to please my clients or supervisors enough and, that?  That was when I knew I had had enough and things needed to change.   

If you EVER work a job where your superior tells you that "it's called a job for a reason" or "it's not supposed to be fun, it's work," RUN!  Maybe you don't need to switch careers like I did.  Maybe you just need to find a new employer (I know, easier said than done in this economy).  I've had amazing bosses who appreciate their employees (here's talking about you, A!); it is possible.  Please, please, please though, realize one thing for me.  You get one life.  Don't spend it working too many hours to enjoy it.  Love, G.

I will get down off my soapbox now.  ;)

**UPDATE** I re-read the above post and thought I should add this---
Don't get me wrong, I don't regret pursuing my dream of being an archaeologist for one single second.  It just turns out that my dreams changed somewhere along the way and I'm so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you for helping me pursue those dreams now.  Do what you love, no matter how many times you need to change careers.  ;)