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Photos of My Cakes (scroll down to read the stories about all this sugar)...


Wine Bottle Cake

Who wants some homemade Georgia wine? 
Oh wait, that bottle's not real....

This cake was made for a very special birthday man.  A man who turned 90 years old this October and AND he makes his own wine. 

He must have a whole lotta people who love him because this cake was MASSIVE.  No, seriously, it served 60 people by my standards (and easily served 100 by industry standards... have I mentioned my cakes are made for cutting big slices? I don't skimp on servings).

The granddaughter of the birthday man contacted me about this cake.  She had a few details she wanted on the cake but the rest was up to me.  Here's some of the details...

"Vintage 1920" label

The label reading "Aged to Perfection 90 Years"

The bottle top with an "H" for Howard on it.  This actually wasn't a request, I just had to add it.

The cake itself was made to look like a storage crate for the wine bottle and was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.  The details, including the bottle, were made out of fondant and modeling chocolate.  The "leather pouch" the wine bottle rested in was fondant and dusted with spices.  Everything written was hand-painted with food dye.  Everything was edible. 
That's the first of the latest fun cakes I've been working on.  I have several more to post and several more coming up so I'll post them as soon as I can.  Just keep checking back!

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