The Cake Gal is not currently taking orders. Please feel free to enjoy the photos. New cake photos/stories will be coming soon. The Cake Gal plans to take orders again in early 2012. Thank you!!!

Photos of My Cakes (scroll down to read the stories about all this sugar)...


Toy Story Cake

Again, as promised, here's the other fun cake from this past weekend.  Toy Story!!!

Sorry some of these pictures are kinda blurry-- like I said in my last post, my camera is dying.  Better photos are promised soon!

This is the first time ever I've used non-edible figurines or, for that matter, any figurines that I didn't make but I really wanted the birthday boy to take home new toys.

This cake was also ordered with a dozen Toy Story cupcakes.  Here's a shot taken at the party (thanks, P, for this photo!)...
Happy Birthday Nickolas! 


Super Mario Bros. Cake

As promised, here's just one of the cool cakes from this weekend.  It's Super Mario Bros. themed!!!  Man, I had flashbacks to childhood making this cake-- I started remembering the little songs that played during the different levels, remembered the character's names (it took me a few days)... it was fun!  Anyways, back to the cake, since I know I usually just want to see the pictures....

Some of the little details...

On a side note, I found my old Gameboy the other day-- you know, the old black and white one (or should I say greenish and grayish)?  It doesn't work anymore but that thing could be in a museum somewhere.  I think I'll keep it just so my (future) kids can laugh at me one day. 

Kids have it so good these days-- XBox 360 and the Wii and the new Gameboys--the characters are so clear and it's not all pixels but, hey, I can't complain 'cause this cake would've looked a little weird if the characters were still pixels...

Happy Birthday Mark! 

Stay tuned for the other cool cake from this weekend.  I have to admit that my camera is dying and it's not just the batteries so the pics won't look all that great but, hey, you'll get the idea...


Polka Dots and Hearts Cake

How fun is this cake?  Polka dots and hearts galore. 

Happy Birthday Alison! I hope all your wishes come true.

I seem to be making lots of buttercream cakes lately and I'm happy with that but I can barely wait to show you my creations for next weekend.  I'm busting with excitement over the fun things I get to work on next week.  Stay tuned!!! 

Logo Cupcakes

I was recently contacted to make some logo cupcakes for a Presbyterian Women's meeting. 

Here's the logo...
and here's 12 of the 36 cupcakes I made... 

Each logo was hand-painted with food dye on fondant.

Now, who else needs a logo cupcake????  : )

Happy Friday!  Hope you all have a great weekend and get to spend some time with your loved ones on Patriot Day.  God Bless America!