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LOST cake

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that ABC's much-loved series LOST has ended.  I think there was as much pomp and circumstance for this finale as there is for Super Bowl games.  Seriously, if you watched it, you know that even the commercials were LOST-themed.  Craziness. 

So, I was so very, very excited to get an order for a LOST finale party cake a few weeks ago.  I literally started coming up with ideas for this cake as soon as it was mentioned.  I quickly realized I was very much lost (ha ha) regarding LOST after not watching it for awhile.  But, hey, did you know that there is even a LOST-themed wikipedia?  AND IT WAS ON LOCK-DOWN from public editing so no one would spoil the show's ending.  Seriously.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE the amount of information on the internet published by the show's viewers!  And oh, the theories spinning around!  Geez. 

After a whole lot of planning and days of work (on the decorations. The cake itself was fresh!), here's the cake....
I tried to be as accurate as possible with the shape of the LOST island and the placement of all of the decorations according to where each incident happened/area was on the actual show. 

The cake order included three requests: the plane crash, the black smoke that kills people, and the recurring mysterious numbers from the show. Can you find them all?

I hid the numbers on the back of the DHARMA vans as "license plates."

The ruins of the four-toed statue and the tail-end crash site for the plane.

Everything was edible!

I had a whole lot of fun making this cake but was very glad to deliver it and get it out of my sight but only because, being a bit of a "cake perfectionist", I could have kept working on it for days and I would have still found things I wanted to fix. 

After years of digging in the dirt, traveling way too much, and always trying to make clients happy in an unhappy "business world" (more on that later, if you're interested), I LOVE what I get to do and feel so incredibly blessed.  I can't explain how good it feels to see someone smile when they see their cake.  Here's hoping I keep producing smiles. 

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