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Daisy Flower Pot Cake

Where to begin?  You know how sometimes you have a bad day at work?  And, sometimes, your co-workers do too and you can commiserate together?  Well, I had a bad day at work and I have no co-workers so please feel free to comment below if this has ever happened to any of you bakers out there....

I had my first ever cake disaster today.  I hope that I will never have to type the words "cake disaster" ever, ever again.  Ugh, what a BAD day. 

I've been working on this daisy flower pot cake for days...

                                                         (before the disaster)

perfecting the edible flowers, baking the cake and shaping it like a flower pot, crumbling oreos for the filling.... Sooooo, when I got it all put together late last night for delivery early this morning, I was quite happy to be done with it.  And when I woke up this morning and checked on it (cakes settle, you know), it was still looking good.  Actually, it looked good through photos and looked good when I put it in the car and.... looked good until I backed out of the parking space.  Ugh.  I was going like 5 MPH and the pot started to come apart!!!  I didn't even have a chance to hit a bump!!!!  So, I went back in and fixed it....

I had only about 6 miles to go for delivery so I was hopeful.  Then I made a VERY, VERY slow turn.... and this darn cake fell over... it fell over twice on my way to the delivery!!!  PANIC MODE.  I pulled over twice and fixed it best I could.  I had extra edible flowers, just in case.  It looked OK until I got it to the delivery spot and it just started tipping... just sort of...sagging....  I delivered it with near tears in my eyes.  I feel terrible still.  Thankfully, the person it was meant for was not there and I didn't have to take any payment for it... didn't want it!!!  So, K, I'm so very sorry.  Here's some pictures of what the cake for your girlfriend should have looked like and actually looked like this morning, before delivery.  Ugh.

Entirely edible fondant and modeling chocolate flower

I knew there was a reason I'd never seen a cake like this before... too much weight in the flowers + a cake shaped like a cone= no structural integrity.  Next time.... next time?  I will know better.  Now I must go try to get rid of this terrible headache. 

Please, bakers out there, share your disaster stories in the comments below.  I need some encouragement. 

*** Update:  Got a call from the person who ordered the cake... the cake was put in real flower pot for support.  Wish I'd thought of that but I guess panic does crazy things to my ability to use logic.  I'm so glad you liked it, K.  I hope she does too.  And, by the way, that is one of the sweetest ideas ever (no pun intended).

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